Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I stay weededed...

Isaiah Thomas accused of sexual harassment

The lawsuit also alleges that Thomas told Browne Sanders he was pushing for more home games at noon on Sundays. His plan, according to Browne Sanders, was to have opposing players go to certain clubs, including strip clubs, that Thomas had connections with on Saturday nights and get them drunk so they would be sluggish for the game the next day.

There's been a dearth of new/notable music lately, so let me give you some of my thoughts.

- Y'all niggas get front page articles mention Jay-Z name
Nooooooot because of any of Jay's dis tracks or snakes in the grass or oochie wally wally, but because what the hell has Esco done since '96 besides the beef? Not to beat a dead horse, but I don't really give a shit about Ether or Takeover because they are entertaining for a certain period of time, yet hold no true impact over the career arc of the artists. Besides the benefits and publicity Nas received from the beef, nothing really came of it - he dropped an ok God's Son and a tremendously boring Streets Disciple. I'm considering this relevant because of the whole Giles v. Carter fracas. Unless Cam comes out with a track so damaging that we can no longer listen to Jay, five years down the road we won't be talking about You Gotta Love It. We'll be talking about what they did after, if Cam's post-Killa Season effort lived up to his superb track record, and if Jay's forthcoming comeback album is as hot as it should be. This beef shit is irrelevant without good music. (And y'all buy this shit caught up in the hype)

- TI album info
Album Title: The King
Label: Grand Hustle/Atlantic
Beats: Rich Rubin, Neptunes, Just Blaze, Hi-Tek, Kwame, Fury, DJ Toomp. Don Cannon, Chad West, Khano, Keith Mack, Lil' C, Black Mob, Big Resse
Features: Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, P$C, Lil' Wayne, B.G., Alicia Keys, Young Dro, Governor
First Single: Ride Wit Me
Sales Pitch: "Trap Muzik laid the foundation, but missed a couple mainstream recors. Urban Legend was great, but it missed the creativity people wanted from me. King is my most well-rounded project since I'm Serious."

I'm SERIOUSLY checking for this album, probably more so than anything besides the new Rae and that Clipse album that I've given up on. I think he might be working with a few too many big name producers, and not sticking with his signature Toomp sounds, but that Leak shit was hot and TIP can hold my attention like few rappers in the game. Shit, though. Rick Rubin? Neptunes? Just Blaaaaaze? Looks like fire.

Oh, and fuck Ride Wit Me as the first single, What You Know is the hottest cut of a young '06.

- David at So Many Shrimp feels exactly as I do about the new Ghost album on the way.

- Clipse in NYC on March 3rd.

Oh, and BG + Mannie Fresh > Baby + Weezy F + A bunch of east coast producers on an overrated album.


Blogger mike said...

i think street's disciple was good for a double albulm. i could have done w/o a lot of the tracks, but that's what happens on a double. at least it wasn't utter garbage like blueprint 2. it took me awhile to get over the fact that jay even wanted to release that.

yeah i own the previous two t.i. releases.. impressive shit. looking forward to the next one.

and i'm glad people are giving props to mannie fresh and realizing the wayne bullshitting himself by thinking he's in any form better w/o fresh.

11:13 AM  
Blogger M.A.T.T. said...

whoa whoa whoa you think streets disciple was better than bp2?

bp2 gave us some CERTIFIED bangers

show you how
diamond is forever
some how some way
hovi baby

2:30 PM  
Blogger TBLANX said...

Nas was dropping a double album and was working on a second double to get out of his record contract with Sony because doubles count as two. As a result, we can expect the holes in the album which are on most 'contract-driven' double albums.

Cant wait for Clipse but looks like I'ma have to as usual...once again we can credit that to more label issues

The King should be a real hot album. Hopefully he keeps it street, regardless of the big name producers... the Leak made that a promosing outcome.

3:14 PM  
Blogger mike said...

bp2 was a large step back from the blueprint to me. i can listen to blueprint from front to back. i will never listen to bp2 again save a couple of tracks whereas i consolidated street's disciple into a dope 10 or so song set. i don't think i could make something out of bp2. i was just really expecting more after blueprint (esp. production wise) and i've come to accept that nas has no ear for beats. stillmatic was his last dope record to me, but i still think as a double albulm street's disciple is better than bp2.

4:50 PM  
Blogger Gotty™ said...

T.I.P....most anticipated. That's saying alot of things but he's the only current cat who's got my attention.

5:14 PM  
Anonymous Adrian (NAPO) said...

wow wow wow consider lil wayne album overrated. i've rode wit your blog for a long ass time (when i first heard about it on OKP), but damn if that lil wayne aint either the hottest album of 05 or second hottest album. his flow is genius.

5:40 PM  
Blogger blackcaesar said...

i agree with mike, disagree with adrian.... carry on.

7:29 PM  
Blogger M.A.T.T. said...

that wayne album was hot BUT it couldnt touch the carter and production from mr mannie fresh. i mean do yall still really listen to carter 2? that shit got played real fast to me.

oh and stop hating on BP2 and come over to the dark side

7:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

m.a.t.t., don't roll w/ jigga, it just ain't no fun. it's like rollin w/ jordan (mike).

Fuck that shit, you been rollin w/ cam. Roll w/ cam.

Seriously, present drunkedness aside, jay ain't really drop nothing that stays in my personal, personal faves (like certain cam shit, kool keith shit, mac dre shit, c bo shit, old yuk shit, ya boy pharell produced shit, esp that old nore (whut whut!?).. again.. Jay Z's stuff is eventually seen as really pop. I'd honestly rather listen to weird ass gods son before i listen to black album these days.. thats mainly b/c or how commercial all that jigga content is. No hater, no nas stan, but shit, jay z belongs to them, if you smell me.

dame from old school CultStatus.

7:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol @ Gotty being a major cigarette fan, but not fucking with this blurple, barney, kobe, or whateverthefuck....

(drunk mind you)


7:53 PM  
Blogger M.A.T.T. said...


way to take a stand, sir

for real though, jay gives me all that shit you talk about - he has his flaws like everyone else, but i feel his 2000-2002 shit probably more so than any rapper. the fact that he's on top may make it less daring to like him, but when it all comes down to it there's no way he isn't my favorite rapper.

8:19 PM  
Blogger mike said...

god's son. damn i hate that albulm not cause it just wasn't a dope record but because when he dropped "made you look" i was anticipating great product.. then i heard the eminem produced track.. then i heard nas with tupac.. then i heard him singing again.. then "i can" dropped with its corny beat..

the black albulm was not the ending i expected from jay-z either. just blaze beats dope, kanye beats dope. dj quik dissappointing. december 4th i just wanted his mom to shut up and stop ruining the song. and he made the same mistake as nas by employing eminem (who has improved though) but eminem basically produced lose yourself part 2. but i cut out those 2 tracks and tba is classic for me cause jay was on top form as an mc.

11:25 PM  
Blogger EAT MY SHORTS said...

Lil wayne probably has my favourite delivery right now, dont know how long that love will last but its definitely his moment.

12:54 AM  
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