Friday, December 02, 2005

This is the remix...

Back then, the Clipse mixtape was just a twinkle in Benzi's eye. With a couple spots left on the joint, he hit me up this morning with some good news.

With the Clipse "We Got The Remix" mixtape coming soon along with the offical DVD.. there are still a few open slots on the tape. All you aspiring producers/djs/wannabes can run over to and cop the acapella. Throw everything you have at that shit, because (to quote, "basically if you create the best one.. ill toss it in the mix.. and youll join the ranks of dj megastars on the tape, and youll be instantly famous." Not bad. So grab that shit, get your grind on, and throw it over to

Meanwhile, The Roots are gonna be at the University of Miami tonight. I saw them live with N*E*R*D and Talib Kweli, needless to say they rocked it. Hopefully I won't be too drunk and come back with blurry pictures.