Sunday, November 13, 2005

I ain't going down without a fight...

The concert last night was sort of a disappointment, and sort of not. We got there in time to see D4L ROCK Laffy Taffy. The whole arena was going nuts. We'd been heavily drinking since about 3, and during the break between their set and Ray J snuck/stumbled into VIP. Had no idea where in the fuck we were until they started giving us free Heinekens and steak sandwiches. Spent the next two hours getting shitfaceder and politicking with some Haitian photographers. I ended up with a Henny and coke in one hand and a Corona in the other. Who can floss like us? We were kicked out a little after I dropped a beer and made a mess. I have to give a shout to Bob at the carving station, holding it down even though he knew we were incognito.

After that, the concert was boring as shit. Never even saw Three 6, YoungBloodz didn't show, Mike Jones didn't show. I don't like Omarion. So we're bored and drunk as shit, the DJ has been going for like 90 minutes, and we sneak under the bleachers into backstage. This time we didn't last, but as I was getting kicked out I saw Trick Daddy. Holler.

The Notorious B.I.G. feat. Jay-Z - What You Want

Chorus is wack as shit, BIG rips it. Jay does the whole I'm gonna come on here and steal the show. Not quite the Go Crazy remix, but close. Beat is done by Timbaland's protege. It's not Brooklyn's Finest or I Love The Dough, but I'll play it.


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