Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Breezy again...

Back to Miami tomorrow. Curious to see how much people are bumping the Rossssssssss album, it left my rotation DAMN quickly. In my traveling absence, check out Benzi's new tape and ask 9th Wonder a question via Young Newport.

Oh, and this Idlewild garbage is so disappointing I won't even speak on it. I didn't fuck with SB/TLB that hard, but I appreciated where Dre was coming from on some of his shit (Pink & Blue is my jam). I'm not automatically hating if he's not rapping, but his seeming self indulgence gets on my nerves, not to mention that this 1930s mixed with hip-hop is just plain wack. I think it was someone in The Roots who said he was trying to make his shit as fierce as possible, Outkast made their shit as un-fierce as possible.

Outkast - ATLiens (Bad Boy Remix)

Friday, August 04, 2006

Money Power Respect...

So I had the chance to listen to a ton more music out at the beach recently. Instead of tying my different selections together allow me to ramble.

- DJ Cam - Mad Blunted Jazz and Diplo - Florida are tempting to lump together but I will not do that. I don't know if you've ever heard of DJ Cam (I never had until someone on Niketalk put me on) but it's some really mellow shit, old breakbeats and jazz loops that sort of meander through the lo-fi fuzz and morph into something that is, well, mad blunted. Diplo finds much meaner samples and then drops a furious 808 in on most of the tracks, and the result is sometimes exhilarating. For all of the hipster stigma surrounding him and/or MIA, Hollertronix, Favela on Blast, etc., Florida was a good album and his turn towards producing looks promising.
- WAMP WAMP has taken over my life.
- Apparently Clipse appeared on Sucka Free with Gillie Da Kid who proceeded to dis Wayne. Clipse then said they had been down with Gillie since 99. I guess this is important because both Clipse and Wayne have huge internet followings and now Wayne can't suck on the inevitable Mr. Me Too remix like he did on Grindin'. Oh, and still nobody cares about Gillie.
- I'd also rather listen to either one of the Clipse than Wayne, who tends to just jibber jabber and make it sound nice.
- A quick listen of Thug Motivation 101 will tell you what the Ross joint SHOULD have been, but they tried to get too glitzy. There's more than a few tracks I like but there's no way I'll be playing this a year from now.
- Anybody have a full version of Peedi Crakk - 3:30 AM?
- How do Jada & Styles write that push pull shit they do so well? Does one person write the entire verse and then they both just spit? Is it a freestyle thing? I would legitimately like to know.

This new Snoop track is cool, they replaced Pharrell on the hook with B-Real. I threw up the shitty radio rip with Pharrell in case you're interested.

It feels like I've written way more than usual which means it's time to stop typing and go prepare to be disappointed by the Idlewild soundtrack.

DJ Cam - Free Your Turntable And Your Scratch Will Follow
Diplo - Summer's Gonna Hurt You
Snoop Dogg feat. B-Real - Vato
Snoop Dogg feat. Pharrell - Vato (Radio Rip)