Friday, September 22, 2006

Hold it now...

Lupe Fiasco - ...And He Gets The Girl

Still haven't gotten through Luda's album but Slap is a great song.

We won't talk about college football. I haven't checked it in a minute, but I'm sure Straight Bangin' is enjoying Michigan's success...

Friday, September 01, 2006

Cash money like Baby do...

- PLEASE tell me someone else was watching the Mississippi State/South Carolina game when after the USC running back scored and was talking to the camera he told the families at home he was "back like cooked crack". Easily the highlight of my evening.
- Justin Timberlake must've been on a TON of blow when he made this album because ALL HE WANTS TO DO IS DANCE. That would also explain Timbo's weight loss.
- Nigo's new chain is serious.
- Is there a point to this whole 50/Diddy beef?
- Fuck you, Seminoles. Seminoles, fuck you.

Beyonce - Kitty Kat

There's a ton of other songs that are probably far more worthy of my uploading but this is a Neptunes blog, I guess, and the Neptunes did the beat and it sounds really pedestrian until the bridge comes in and blows you away.