Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I stay weededed...

Isaiah Thomas accused of sexual harassment

The lawsuit also alleges that Thomas told Browne Sanders he was pushing for more home games at noon on Sundays. His plan, according to Browne Sanders, was to have opposing players go to certain clubs, including strip clubs, that Thomas had connections with on Saturday nights and get them drunk so they would be sluggish for the game the next day.

There's been a dearth of new/notable music lately, so let me give you some of my thoughts.

- Y'all niggas get front page articles mention Jay-Z name
Nooooooot because of any of Jay's dis tracks or snakes in the grass or oochie wally wally, but because what the hell has Esco done since '96 besides the beef? Not to beat a dead horse, but I don't really give a shit about Ether or Takeover because they are entertaining for a certain period of time, yet hold no true impact over the career arc of the artists. Besides the benefits and publicity Nas received from the beef, nothing really came of it - he dropped an ok God's Son and a tremendously boring Streets Disciple. I'm considering this relevant because of the whole Giles v. Carter fracas. Unless Cam comes out with a track so damaging that we can no longer listen to Jay, five years down the road we won't be talking about You Gotta Love It. We'll be talking about what they did after, if Cam's post-Killa Season effort lived up to his superb track record, and if Jay's forthcoming comeback album is as hot as it should be. This beef shit is irrelevant without good music. (And y'all buy this shit caught up in the hype)

- TI album info
Album Title: The King
Label: Grand Hustle/Atlantic
Beats: Rich Rubin, Neptunes, Just Blaze, Hi-Tek, Kwame, Fury, DJ Toomp. Don Cannon, Chad West, Khano, Keith Mack, Lil' C, Black Mob, Big Resse
Features: Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, P$C, Lil' Wayne, B.G., Alicia Keys, Young Dro, Governor
First Single: Ride Wit Me
Sales Pitch: "Trap Muzik laid the foundation, but missed a couple mainstream recors. Urban Legend was great, but it missed the creativity people wanted from me. King is my most well-rounded project since I'm Serious."

I'm SERIOUSLY checking for this album, probably more so than anything besides the new Rae and that Clipse album that I've given up on. I think he might be working with a few too many big name producers, and not sticking with his signature Toomp sounds, but that Leak shit was hot and TIP can hold my attention like few rappers in the game. Shit, though. Rick Rubin? Neptunes? Just Blaaaaaze? Looks like fire.

Oh, and fuck Ride Wit Me as the first single, What You Know is the hottest cut of a young '06.

- David at So Many Shrimp feels exactly as I do about the new Ghost album on the way.

- Clipse in NYC on March 3rd.

Oh, and BG + Mannie Fresh > Baby + Weezy F + A bunch of east coast producers on an overrated album.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Killa Season...

Beyonce, fiance, check my second LP.

REGARDLESS of who you think will win, who is better, etc - Cam got at Jay.

That shit was HARSH.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Am I High Presents: The Amazing Mix for Getting Fucking High as Shit

I only updated three times over the last month. Gotty, who gets on his grind and updates daily, constantly gave me shit for being a lazy fuck. There was, however, a good reason for that. I was smoking weed and listening to music. I started my Christmas break back in San Francisco with an un-ambitious iPod mix, titled 00amazing. It evolved into the ultimate smoking mix, every song with a mesmerizing beat and lyrics that stretch the mind. Anyone would like this mix, it has classic tracks, unknown tracks and forgotten tracks. Certain tracks have been on it the whole time, some tracks got taken off and some just added. Buy a blunt and some herb, smoke and listen to this shit.

Part 2 is coming soon.

And I know the HIGHlight thing is corny, but fuck you.

Jay-Z - Diamond Is Forever

The crowning glory of Blueprint 2 brings undulating synths and a driving bass, along with an impassioned Young Chris raising the masses to Jay’s ferocious wordplay.
Mr. Carter peaks in the second verse, defending his habits (we just chilling watching chandelier ceilings high as fuck) and wealth. Enough ‘dro places you in the Trump Towers, smoking a blunt and being fed grapes by Beyonce. A more captivating verse we’ve hardly heard.

50 Cent - Position of Power
I don’t usually listen to 50 Cent, but this gem from the underrated (yes, I said it) Massacre mesmerizes with tinkling piano and an aggressive bassline. It’s not easy to convince someone who shares my tastes to listen to 50, especially in the coveted two spot on a mix, but Position of Power could make a believer out of anyone.
The hook captures the desperation of the newly coined trap-hop while inspiring those on the come up to go blow a stack on jewels.

Bun B feat. Pimp C, Z-Ro, Young Jeezy & Jay-Z - Get Throwed
This shit came off Bun’s uninspired solo effort. Luckily, Pimp Chad comes through in his Polo (Fuck that Hilfiger), and two of Def Jam’s finest bring the heat. Jeezy’s understated verse reigns supreme here – he can get as fucked up as he wants and still come out on top. He lets Jay play the Rockefeller hustle and sneaks through on his grind, capturing the hearts and ears of those of us not privileged enough to puff on yachts.
The highlight is easily the beginning of the song. Guitar synths precede an entrancing triton, flowing up and down the octave until the much missed half of UGK can implore us to “Smoke something, bitch.” Indeed.

David Banner feat. Too $hort, Jazze Pha & Bun B - Take Your
David Banner’s banger about bitches. Say that five times fast. The drums are a creative combination of Timbaland’s depth and energy and the Heatmakerz hunger on the kick, but this track belongs to our misogynistic heroes. Either Too $hort is fucking her good, or she’s a damn good actress. You better hide your Grandmama or David Banner will fuck her too. Seriously. Bun B restores us to semi-consciousness. When he thought it was the 5-0 sweating him for the endo, we leave our grown ass pimp fantasy and stop swerving all over the road.
After the beat drops, Too $hort immediately grabs our attention with a verse that makes Banner’s look relatively tame. You a bitch ass nigga with a badass bitch, bitch nigga. Overwhelming lyricism and depth it’s not, but I doubt anyone has ever sounded so convincing.

Jay-Z - Blueprint 2
I wouldn’t think to include a dis track on this mix, but this is not your typical dis track. On Takeover, Jay’s main focus was Nas being a bitch. This has plenty of that, but Jay cares more about us knowing that he’s hardcore as fuck and on the top of his game.
For whatever reason, listening to The Hov high brings out another dimension to his lyrics. When he dances around “saving me the hassle of speaking to half of these assholes” the brilliant wordplay that is not as easily apparent as, say, an Illmatic reveals itself.

Cam’ron - Intro

After being pushed back months and months, Purple Haze finally hit the streets. I intended to go through the entire CD and revel in all the new Cam material. That was unnecessary. This shit exhilarated me, and I ended up hitting the repeat button right after hearing what was the then six month old intro to Killa Cam. With perhaps the most intoxicating intro in the history of music, Mr. Giles outlines his plan for world domination, getting this shit popping and bouncing, and getting his dog Zeke situated.
The highlight could easily be Cam making an unrelenting attack on this entire cut, but the subtlety of his epic backing track reveals itself in the panning toms and crashing bells.

N*E*R*D feat. Malice - Am I High

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. The Neptunes employ keyboards that ride the grand piano, entering and exiting the ear. This shit can be just perfect sometimes. What up Malice.
Let the underrated drums wash you away, as Spymob’s lagging hats and cymbals complement the kicks and sharp snares.

Dr. Dre feat. Hittman - Big Ego’s
No smoking mix is complete without a Dre track. The drums and mastering of the album are rendered even more important through a smoky haze. The better question is which track to choose? Still DRE is played out, Murder Ink too intense, Xxplosive too obvious. Big Ego’s fits the mood perfectly – this was made to blow dro to, and the AC Green reference is a nice tough. If only Hittman had gotten his act together and dropped an album.
Hittman’s surprisingly complex verse causes some serious neck snapping. Aftermathers we rule shit, I’m big Hitt, don’t confuse me with no other ‘bout to blow motherfucker.

The Am I High Mix Part 1

Monday, January 16, 2006

Be Easy...

Back in Miami, drinking heavily.

Big feature on music + marijuana is on the way.

Friday, January 06, 2006

'Til your ass layin' down in the grass and I laugh...

Y'all reaaaaaaaaaaally need to get up on this new DJ Drame/TIP tape. It's got some cuts from the album and my goodness gosh golly, this track is gully (LOOK AT IT'S GALOSHES).

T.I. feat. Bun B & Mannie Fresh - Front, Back & Side to Side